Guess for the Best

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It really is amazing what happens when we focus on what we want instead of what we do not want.  I explained this concept poorly one time to a friend that has held a grudge about this endlessly.  I was on my way to a tour in Europe.  I was anxious about remembering everything.  I was anxious about making the flight because I kept having to look for things I didn't remember to pack.  I was told "Don’t forget your phone."  Then I could not find my phone anywhere.  I live in a studio.  How far could it have gone? 


While I’m frantically trying to find my phone, which will be my sole source of communicating while overseas, I think about the “what you focus on expands” concept.  I wish I had been told to remember my phone vs. being told not to FORGET it.  Because I surely did just that, forget that I had rested it in the top dresser drawer while getting out something that I didn't remember to pack.  All of that extra time to get to the airport had been eaten away by my memory lapse.  I run to the car and say filled with anxiety & mad at myself for killing all that time, “I really wish you would have told me to remember my phone instead of not to forget it.”  I have been being told about how mean & ridiculous that it was that I’d said that ever sense.  I’ve apologized for the delivery and poor explanation of what I meant.  However, I stand by the concept.  Somehow, this person can’t understand that rushing is not something that I handle well.  I typically plan so that rushing doesn’t happen.  This time I failed.


The thing is my entire life I’ve been kept afloat (and in some cases flying) by focusing on what it is I do want.  If not in the clutches of depression’s darkness, I expect the things that I focus on to manifest.  Does this mean that it is full proof and happens all the time?  No not in every instance.  Trust me, there are many areas of my life right now that seems to have lost the manifestation boomerang.  But in many of the instances that make my life fun & fulfilling, yes.  It happens much of the time.  It doesn’t prevent uncertainty from feeling scary as hell but after all these years, I know that worry is just going to attract more unwanted negative blows to my life.  Some days, all I can do is walk around listing to myself all of the things that I am grateful for.  I do this to block out the voices in my head that want to tell me that I’m a failure & should just go apply to a proverbial McDonald’s for steady work.  A regular customer once said to me sometimes things get so rough all you can do is put your head down and just keep working until they’re better.  I always remember that when things get tough.  As a creative person, life is often uncertain & tough.

This both made me giggle & seemed the perfect image.  

This both made me giggle & seemed the perfect image.  

Then it happens.  By focusing on what it is that I desire and/or need the signal is shot out into the universe and boomerangs back in to my life as serendipity.   I put my head down and take as many actions as I can.  I pray that the universe guides me to take the next right action.  Then the something that I need shows up.  I can only explain it as massive action creating magic.  When I was younger, I would spend so much time focusing on the worry and the trying to figure my way out of things.  If the future is just our best guess anyway, why not guess for the best? Why not be careful and deliberate about how we phrase thoughts and the things we utter both out loud but especially to ourselves.  I may not ever get this person to understand that this concept is what I meant.  If people want to cling to perceived transgressions, they will, often for years.  Besides, that’s not my work to do for them.  I wish we would do more guessing the best about each other as a whole.  What IS my work is to focus everyday on experiencing the universal magic of life as much as possible.